Greetings Adventurers!
The game servers have been updated. Here are the introduced changes:


  • Monsters can now use projectiles.
  • Mounts are now able to swim on water.
  • Anti-speed hack has been implemented.
  • Renamed chat tab “General” to “Local”.
  • Added grass distance settings on options.
  • Improved sky & clouds quality.
  • Improved animation sync of players movement.
  • Improved velocity sync of players movement.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed critical stats calculation.
  • Fixed dodge stats calculation.
  • Fixed player trade confirmation UI.
  • Fixed camera after log out.
  • Fixed water effects not being updated even when the camera left the water.
  • Fixed rare case where players with bad internet could be unable to move.
  • Fixed rare case where time of day wouldn’t be updated at log in.

Greetings Adventurers!
The game servers have been updated. Here are the introduced changes:


  • Added ability to unspawn pet by clicking its icon.
  • Monsters HP bars are hidden when far from you.
  • Improved movement sync.
  • Improved jump system.
  • Improved tooltip UI.
  • Improved sun & moon light shafts.
  • Added an option to hide the UI.
  • Improved UI screen scaling.
  • Added free look camera (available in settings).
  • Reduced falling damage by 50%.
  • Added /get_location chat command.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed skillbar save.
  • Fixed blurry sky during foggy weather.
  • Fixed pets being attackable.
  • Fixed water movement.
  • Fixed some items properties.
  • Fixed cursor detection.
  • Fixed player trade confirmation panel.
  • Fixed rare error when items are dropped.
  • Fixed chat scrolling for long messages.
  • Fixed rare error when syncing time of day after login.
  • Fixed HUD elements on Trolls monsters.
  • Fixed party/guild UI being displayed while not in.
  • Fixed error when clicking on equipped items.

Greetings Adventurers!
The game servers have been updated. Here are the introduced changes:


  • Improved the character controller. It is now way more reliable.
  • Improved game performance.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed crash after disconnecting the game.
  • Fixed game desync after certain actions.
  • Fixed error when trying to log-in with an already existing character.
  • Fixed character flying above the ground.
  • Fixed experience calculation when killing a monster with a high level difference.
  • Fixed shader option not working in settings menu.
  • Fixed dialogue text for the first quest.

Greetings Adventurers!
The game servers have been updated. Here are the introduced changes:


  • You can now sprint! Note that an endurance bar will be implemented soon.
  • Pet combat combat has been removed.
  • Your pet will now follow you more closely.
  • Dropped items now have a new visual effect.
  • Server performances has been improved a lot.
  • Memory usage of the game has been improved of 20%.
  • Bandwidth usage has been improved a lot.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed unsync time of day.
  • Fixed an error when being near other players due to navigation system.
  • Fixed invisible items icon during trading.
  • Fixed trade confirmation UI.
  • Fixed potential exploit during player trading.
  • Fixed a rare error occuring when the server are cleaning the dropped items.
  • Fixed dropped items falling under the ground.
  • Fixed opening interfaces while typing in the chat.
  • Fixed blinking cursor when selecting a monster or a npc.
  • Fixed the red moon being invisible at certain camera angles.

Greetings adventurers!

And… now, the first LP! of the year, the fourth one!
To begin, a milestone has just been completed: the complete rework of the combat system.
Now, combat system require manual aiming, unlike the old-school tab-targeting, allowing players to fight more actively!

Optimizations, improvement and fixes were done to the network librairy for a more stable network.
Lots of optimizations are still waiting to be done to UI, 3D models etc. in order to save precious FPS!
All the bugs discovered during the last pre-alpha have been fixed.

Actual World Map

Right now, I’m working on the design of the first map of Alteros, so it means to do 3D modeling, texturing work etc. Speaking of it, materials will be fully-PBR. It means a better quality, and allow wet/snow dynamism on each object.
I will post screenshots during its level-design on twitter, check it!

About the future plans of the developement of Alteros Online, I plan to add in the coming months several important features, as the character customization, professions, improve day/night events, improve database system to be faster, and still lot of things!


Thanks for your support, and that this new year is favorable to you!

Greetings adventurers!


That’s it, the 3rd “latest progress“!


So first, the monsters have been improved. They can now use various attacks and the animation system has been redone. For example, now when a monster walks, its walking animation will be played according to its speed of movement for more realism. In addition, all the current animations (monsters,npc,players) have been replaced by better worked!

Also, Numerous adjustments have been made to allow the player to have a more enjoyable gaming experience with a more intuitive and real-time interface. (Alerts may be displayed during an event or level climb)
Moreover, concerning the rise of level, the logic was redone in order to be better balanced.
The graphics were once again improved to have more beautiful FX effects and a more realistic haze now running according to the time of day!

New quests have been written, new monsters have been added, new spells, new items …

You will be able to see it by yourself very soon, because the last pre-alpha will be available for download by the end of December! A post will be communicated to you in the coming days.

Also, I take this opportunity to wish you a happy holiday, we will meet again for a new ticket in the begin of 2018 that will be a little special, where I will share my future plans for Alteros Online after a year of development alone .

Thank you for your support !

Greetings adventurers!


And here we are for the latest progress done during this month of September!

First, my primary goal was to create a functional climate system that delivers a more complete immersion, including a day/night, month and year system with its own sound system, which is now done! The last thing I would add to this system would be better snow effects (which could be dynamically applied to each object) and connect it to the quest system.

I’ve been working on redesigning graphics, now with better color gaming, new lights now working exclusively in real time and better managed shadows!
Different systems have been reworked in order to avoid a maximum of bugs and a better functioning (algorithm of sharing of xp of the groups, IA of the pets …).

Currently, I am completing the spells system to add multiple effects like stunning, silence, etc … What should be finished in the next few days!

Concerning the short-term goals, it will be about the implementation of the first class as well as begin to improve the PvP, allowing me to launch the very likely last pre-alpha!

Greetings adventurers!

As promised, here is a summary of my progress on the project since the last pre-alpha that took place in June.
A new quest system has been implemented. The latter now allows for greater diversity in quests. They can now take into account server time, zone visit, and much more! In order to accompany it and to respect one of the objectives that I had set for Alteros Online, a dialogue system was implemented in order to allow the scenario part of the quests not to be forgotten. An indicator was also put in place to help the players to complete their task without assisting them too much.

Another system has been implemented, though not necessarily visible to the players eye, a system of autonomous spawning of monsters. In the past, I was obliged to place the monsters on the world by my hand, which made me waste time. Now, the system can generate the monsters randomly in an specific area.
Another thing I added that I was asked, a menu of settings to configure the game, graphics, sound in its own way.
In addition, a lot of work was done on the comfort of the players; a “loot all” button for dead monsters, an interface for the invocation of spells, etc …

Finally, all the bugs discovered have been corrected, and important optimizations have taken place. The network system has been completely redone, is much more stable (and by far) and much more powerful. The tests continue on this side, but it seems that the network will soon allow Alteros Online to host a massive simultaneous number of players!


Concerning short-term future objectives, add features to quests like cinematics, have a complex artificial intelligence to better manage situations for the pets / mercenaries(see how PvP works on the forum). The big task in progress concerns the atmosphere of the game. The climate, the time, the associated events. Lots of things to come!

French version: clic here


Greetings adventurers!

The second public pre-alpha of Alteros Online is now available for a certain time, following the same conditions of the first one!

This test version is like the first one, it will allow you to test the game at its current state. Considering that it is a pre-alpha, please be aware that given the progress of the project, only features are being developed, not content, which will see its development begin in several months, when the basis of the project will be sufficiently solid.

As you can notice in the list of classes, they have no relation to the game. They are present only for the purpose of testing several things related to the class. Thus, they will be replaced by the true classes in the future.

If you find a bug, thank you for telling me in the category “Bugs & Problems“.

Test coupon for the cash shop: BETACODE


The only prerequisite for participating in the test version is to register for the forum, and if possible, write a presentation to join the community! I will thank you for leaving a review of the game on the link below. I would also greatly thank you for leaving an opinion on the current status of the game on the link below.

You can invite your friends, under the same conditions as above.

The server will be online from 22/07/2017 to 16:00 to 24/07/2017 to 16:00. (UTC/GMT)

After that, you can delete your game, which will be obsolete for future versions.

Download link: Here

To install the game, just unzip the file (with software type winrar) by right-clicking then Extract to \Alteros_Online.
Write a review:
Discord Server:

Good test!


Forum version: clic here

French version:  Click here


Hello everyone !


As you may have noticed this month of May, I didn’t communicate a lot about the progress of the game.

For a number of reasons, firstly because I did a lot of research on the mathematical formulas to use for statistics/spells or about the Free To Play VS Pay To Play reflection, but I would communicate on it later (And also It should not be forgotten, I work alone on this project since the beginning).

But especially for an important reason, which will be precisely the subject of this announcement, the complete overhaul of the user interface!

This new interface brings many things, starting with a design more suited to the game world, more advanced, more complex, with much more features, in order to simplify the life of adventurers.

About the new features, a completely redesigned chat to get better usage:


As you can notice, buttons added to the left, and especially a system of tabs so as not to mix conversations and allow better legibility. Another novelty I could quote, adding notifications, as below!


Concerning the globes, I am always thinking about them, so consider them as a test at the moment.

Another example of the redesign of the interface:



So I can announce you that after more than a month of hard work, the V2 interface of Alteros Online is over! In addition to all this, a lot of new effects related to the interface have been added, and that the game can now support 4K resolution!


Concerning the following of the events, in the coming days, I will be working on solving minor interface bugs, I will improve the new profession/harvesting system, add the group system as well as the I will complete my research concerning the statistics, I will add certains classes, the skills, as well as the system of armor very soon!

For those who are wondering about when the next alpha test will take place, I will make sure to prepare one for June/July, and if possible one second during the summer.


See you soon!

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