There are 5 classes, none of them specific to a genre.

It’s important to note that there are no limitations on the use of armor between classes. Moreover, each class can be played in very different ways depending on the players. For example, a Knight can also be played as a “Templar”, a “DPS warrior”, a “tank” with a mass, etc.



Magical Sniper

Description: Magical Sniper are specialists in remote attack. They can do high and concentrated damage, ideal for supporting a group while staying behind, or for starting a fight from a distance, leaving little time for their opponent to attack them. However, they usually struggle to deal with an opponent in hand-to-hand combat.

Slow attacks with almost zero mobility, prefers quick fights by pulling the first shot to ensure a near-certain victory. Mainly specialized in 1V1, it can still be extremely useful in fighting against group.



Description: The Knight is very versatile. He can perform powerful attacks with an ax while wearing heavy armor, fight with a sword with medium armor or even destroy the skulls of their enemies with a shield. So it all depends on how to fight Knight.

He attack at certain low speed, however, by rolling or throwing, he can balance it out. Being able to attack or defend, he can manage the fight, except when an attack arrives where it least expected.



Description: The Manipulator invokes a human-sized puppet that fights at the peril of his life for him. The Manipulator usually fights alongside his puppet, he can just as well remain hidden during the battle and control it from a distance. Since the puppet is not human, it can only use basic combat techniques as well as using non-complex weapons.

Being both puppeteer and healer, he has a great potential for survivability. It’s ideal for attacking a medium-range target, but with little control skills, it’s not very effective in melee.



Description: The Duellist is a fighter with limited physical strength, but is one of the most agile and fast a human can be, allowing him to balance with his strength. However, it is quite vulnerable to remote attacks.

Rapid attacks, sustained damage over time. A great mobility asking for practice. He can also fight with spears, sabers, or whatever. In poor posture, he can afford to move away from the battlefield in order to return unpredictable.



Description: The Magus follows the path of magic. He can do significant damage through its control of the elements. However, he invests all his energy in the elemental magic, which leaves him vulnerable enough to the targeted attacks.

He has a whole range of attacks with effects over time. These attacks are powerful, but require time to invoke them. He can also care for his allies directly, a very useful and sought skill which is very needed for groups.