Patch Notes – 2nd August 2020

Greetings Adventurers!
The game servers have been updated. Here are the introduced changes:


  • Monsters can now use projectiles.
  • Mounts are now able to swim on water.
  • Anti-speed hack has been implemented.
  • Renamed chat tab “General” to “Local”.
  • Added grass distance settings on options.
  • Improved sky & clouds quality.
  • Improved animation sync of players movement.
  • Improved velocity sync of players movement.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed critical stats calculation.
  • Fixed dodge stats calculation.
  • Fixed player trade confirmation UI.
  • Fixed camera after log out.
  • Fixed water effects not being updated even when the camera left the water.
  • Fixed rare case where players with bad internet could be unable to move.
  • Fixed rare case where time of day wouldn’t be updated at log in.