Frequently Asked Questions



What is a VRMMORPG?

A VRMMORPG game is a virtual reality multiplayer video game capable of supporting thousands of players simultaneously. Virtual Reality allow the players to play with a maximum immersion. No need to use keyboard, mouse or screen anymore, just control your character with your mind!

How it is possible?

The player would use a gear made for Alteros Online which will integrate electroencephalography system with a “basic” VR system like Oculus Rift. With these systems, You could play in a total immersion!

How much will cost the gear?

Not sure for now, You will know more in the future.

When the release comes out?

I can’t say for now. As you may know, I am alone working on this project. This will depend in large part on crowdfunding. But to leave in the idea to release the game in about 2 years seems to me quite reasonable.

Can you really make this game alone?

Well, I think we could say I have some experience in the video-game and networking domain. But for sure, I will hire people in the future. But, I know very well that words are not enough to prove that a project of this magnitude is viable, so I suggest you to take part in the test versions that I publish quite often.

Who are you?

A french developper. I worked for software/video-games for several years.

But since my youth, I have dreamed of creating a living and populated universe of humans that sends a message at the same time. At present, I devote absolutely all my free-time to the realization of this dream!

How many servers?

One for each continent.

How much will the game cost?

Free to play with a cosmetics store, provided that it is cost effective. In case of failure, it will be pay to play.

How can I participate to beta tests?

Check frequently Facebook&Twitter pages, I will provide sometimes public beta-tests. Otherwise, participate to the forum & discord channel, you will be certain to obtain a key.

How many classes will be available?
It is expected that for the release, five classes will be available. However, each one can be play very differently!
How will the quests be?
The ambiences will be very diverse, with the aim of bringing narrative quests. There will be light-hearted but also human drama ones.
And how will the environment be?
It will really be very varied with a lot of different sized areas, with the goal of taking you into a grand world!

Will there be guilds?

Sure. The guild system will be deep enough with a system of housing, wars, quests, events…

Will there be world boss?

Sure. Huge world boss that will definitely influence the world of Alteros. For example, the main road to a city could be blocked because of a world-boss, causing countless problems to traders!

Could we get married?