Patch Notes – 7nd March 2020

Greetings Adventurers!
The game servers have been updated. Here are the introduced changes:


  • You can now sprint! Note that an endurance bar will be implemented soon.
  • Pet combat combat has been removed.
  • Your pet will now follow you more closely.
  • Dropped items now have a new visual effect.
  • Server performances has been improved a lot.
  • Memory usage of the game has been improved of 20%.
  • Bandwidth usage has been improved a lot.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed unsync time of day.
  • Fixed an error when being near other players due to navigation system.
  • Fixed invisible items icon during trading.
  • Fixed trade confirmation UI.
  • Fixed potential exploit during player trading.
  • Fixed a rare error occuring when the server are cleaning the dropped items.
  • Fixed dropped items falling under the ground.
  • Fixed opening interfaces while typing in the chat.
  • Fixed blinking cursor when selecting a monster or a npc.
  • Fixed the red moon being invisible at certain camera angles.