Latest progress! #4

Greetings adventurers!

And… now, the first LP! of the year, the fourth one!
To begin, a milestone has just been completed: the complete rework of the combat system.
Now, combat system require manual aiming, unlike the old-school tab-targeting, allowing players to fight more actively!

Optimizations, improvement and fixes were done to the network librairy for a more stable network.
Lots of optimizations are still waiting to be done to UI, 3D models etc. in order to save precious FPS!
All the bugs discovered during the last pre-alpha have been fixed.

Actual World Map

Right now, I’m working on the design of the first map of Alteros, so it means to do 3D modeling, texturing work etc. Speaking of it, materials will be fully-PBR. It means a better quality, and allow wet/snow dynamism on each object.
I will post screenshots during its level-design on twitter, check it!

About the future plans of the developement of Alteros Online, I plan to add in the coming months several important features, as the character customization, professions, improve day/night events, improve database system to be faster, and still lot of things!


Thanks for your support, and that this new year is favorable to you!